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I love vacations; you could say I live for holidays, they make me so HAPPY. To find out where the next trip will go to is so much fun already. You can find anything on the internet. There are so many ways to travel, and it does not have to be expensive.

My first long-distance vacation

My first vacation was to the USA. I was 18 years old. It was my first flight ever and back then I was so afraid of heights. If this got filmed at that time, that would now be a YouTube hit hahaha. The whole flight I did not move at all! I squeezed the armrests like they were stress balls. It was no fun at all. But I also had the knowledge that if I wouldn’t overcome my fears. I’d never get anywhere and explore other countries. So my fear was overruled.

When you arrive at your destination all is forgotten, I only felt joy and the first impression was WOW!  I must say that the USA is the most known country in the world. We know it from movies, series, etc. So it is more “like in the film” when you walk there. My dream came true!

Challenges on your Holiday

During this trip, I went to the Grand Canyon and the next challenge came along. The helicopter trip above the Canyon OMG!! It was seriously a few minutes before taking off when I DECIDED TO GO, because my mind said you’re going to regret this if you don’t do this. And this was the BEST flight ever. The trip was so beautiful in combination with the music in the headphones, this made it perfect. I will never forget this experience, just like seeing the beautiful national parks (Sequoia etc.), Walk of fame (LA), Las Vegas (the strip), Universal studios (Back to the future, San Francisco (Pier 39), Hoover Dam, Calico (Ghost Town) the history of the Indians, etc.

Through the years

Through the years we went to so many countries, for example: Thailand, Brazil, Canada and Indonesia. There are always a few who are extra special, like when we went to Indonesia (Sulawesi and Bali). This first island was the Island where my father last lived when he was a little boy, before he came to Holland. I knew his house was still there, so my first mission was to find that house. When I landed on Indonesian soil, tears were running from my eyes. My father would have loved it if he knew I finally went there (my father passed away in 2007). It was just a fantastic feeling, and I did not even walk on the ground yet.

The landscapes are so beautiful and the rice fields are breathtaking. I always feel the excitement to explore immediately. When we arrived at our Hotel; we freshen up and get something to eat. The local food is so delicious and tasteful. The day of arrival we usually go to bed early so we can recover from the long flight and start fresh in the morning.

Exploring the country

The next day, we found the house of my father. This was just amazing and the people who lived there at that time were so kind and they let us come into the house. The lady told me what changes they have made in the house the past years. She also remembered that my parents and an aunt and uncle came looking for this house. Parts of the house were still in colonial style. The knowledge that my father had lived there as a little boy, I cannot describe in words! If we wanted to come back during the days we stayed there, it was no problem.


The first time we went to Brazil we had a lovely accommodation, a whole house (villa) for us with a little swimming pool. This villa was just a 5-minute walk to the center of the small village Pipa. It was a place for surfers, it had a kind of a hippy vibe to it. Here we learned pretty fast that the locals do not live by time. When you’re the last customer in the restaurant and you left, they will close it right away and this could be at any time. Another day we asked two women (who sat in front of their store) what time they would be open the next day, seriously they laughed so loud (we felt a little awkward) and their answer was, we don’t know whenever we want.

We laugh the way back to our apartment, imagine what would happen if we do this at home. Just the relax way of living, it is just amazing. They do not worry about time, they live in the moment and make the best of it. Isn’t that just wonderful?

These kinds of feelings you intend to bring back with you when you go home. The first few weeks are going fine, but before you know it you’re back to your old habits and the fast life. The beauty of it is once in a while; you think back and you have this happy feeling all over again. It makes it so worth it


Another pretty cool way travel is to pack your backpack and go! We did this three times: Thailand, Italy, and Crete (Greek Island). This way of traveling is just one you have to try. When we went to Crete, we only booked our flight and bought a Lonely Planet guide of Greece (The Lonely Planet guide I highly recommend). This guide is full of tips and also accommodations for every budget. Before we went on this vacation, we looked on the internet for the places we must/wanted to see. So we made our trip ahead and would see how far we would come.  We had three weeks.

The most beautiful thing about traveling like this is you can stay at a place as long as you like. Does the place not offer what you hoped it would, you pack your bag and go further. This freedom of traveling is just a fantastic feeling. It’s a great way to get in contact with the locals. We did see so many beautiful places there, met new people (locals) and it made us feel like we lived there. Do not get me wrong; sometimes you make not so great decisions and you end up in a place where there was nothing to do or to discover. So we just slept here and the next day we traveled further.

The memorable thing here was the girl who we rented the apartment from told us to wait until the next morning in one of the restaurants, her mother would pick us up to bring us to the next place/bus station. We did not know her mother, and we found it kind of exciting. The next morning we waited for her mother as she told us and then she arrived. She was so friendly and said it was no problem at all, so sweet. We will never forget.

We had three weeks for this holiday but when we came back it was just like we were away for months, just amazing.

These are a few of my holidays. We also like to explore more of Europe. Here are so many beautiful countries as well; one of my favorites is Portugal, but Greece has so many beautiful islands and we have seen just a few of them. France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain and even our own country Holland (You do not have to go far to experience beautiful places).


On my vacations, I always keep a diary. When you’re on holiday, you will forget the little things when you get back. This way you can tell every detail. I try to write in it every single day on the journey.  Once in a while, I read mine back and it takes me literally back to that holiday. By rereading it, it always makes me smile!

My wish list goes on and on. There is so much more to explore, we have a beautiful planet, people, cultures, food, etc.  let’s enjoy it! Traveling gives you so much back. It makes me Happy!

~Choose To Be Happy~

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