Review  “Now You See Me” ” I’ am Hashimoto’s Unmasked “

By Tyleishia L. Douglass

The disease Hashimoto I  never heard of it before my aunt told me she has the diagnoses of the Hashimoto disease which is a thyroid disease. We talked about it and here in Holland is it not a common thyroid disease.

Tyleishia Douglas

A few months later I came in contact with Tyleishia Douglass, and I discovered that Tyleishia wrote this book: “Now You See Me” ” I’ am Hashimoto’s Unmasked ” It turns out that Tyleishia is an ambassador for raising awareness about this disease. I thought this is just amazing.

After reading this book, you learn more about Hashimoto and how this disease can influence your life, family, and friends. From the beginning till the end you see how she learns herself to accept this life with Hashimoto. The struggles after hearing her diagnosis, to the triumph of not letting her get down by this disease, which is not easy to overcome every time when your body shows the symptoms. She takes you on her journey living with Hashimoto and tells it from her soul, you can feel her struggle and with the humor, she makes it a very easy read.

This book inspires you about how hard it gets in life, you’ll have to try to make the most out of it with or without the disease. Most important you learn much more about HASHIMOTO! Let’s spread the word!!

Do not judge, you never know how somebody is suffering!


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I wanted to share this story/book so I can help Tyleishia for making more awareness for this disease. She is on a mission and can use any help there is to spread the word!

~Support eachother~