Rhona is a Personal Power Coach ready to assist you with identifying your limiting beliefs, overcoming personal obstacles, and transforming your mind-set in a step-by-step process to empower you with taking the next best steps in your life…..

The Goal is to equip you with great life TOOLS and KNOWLEDGE, to help you with achieving your desired outcome(s). Coach Rho is also here to encourage and reveal more of your own EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, to help you make decisions that are rooted in more self-confidence, clarity, and courage in spite of fear.

Coach Rho is offering Personal Power University to assist you in revealing the next greatest version of yourself.




What makes my courses different?

Holistic Teaching Style

12 weeks of webinar lessons with
Coach Rho and her unique style of teaching
BIG subjects in smaller amount of time.

Powerful connections

An exclusive online community of PPU alumni
with mastermind sessions; along with the annual PPU retreat/vacation
for rejuvenation, transformation, and celebration.

1 on 1 sessions

Personal coaching sessions, with Coach Rho, to make sure that
you’re on track to achieving real results from the course.


 A Safe place to struggle great place to thrive

More information

IG: officialmissrnb

FB: RhonaBennett7

Twitter: missrnb

YouTube: Rhona ‘Rho’ Bennett


Personal Power first Annual Retreat 2018