My Fasting Adventure

Last year I started my journey with fasting. This has become a part of my healthy lifestyle. I picked some books and began to read and study about fasting. There are so many different kinds of fasts to follow. On the internet you find a lot of different knowledge, it made my head spin….so I did my own research.

What I discovered about fasting: it cleans up your body toxins and could help reducing inflammation in your body. Nowadays I have to be careful how I use my knee and do not get inflammation in it (for the people who have not read my other posts: I have almost no cartilage in one of my knees). So my thought: ‘I have to give this a try’.

I could not wait to begin my first fast, I was ready! I did the water/tea fast for three days. This gives your body a really good reset and the other benefit is that I also lost weight. This fast is very intensive to do, so it is important to create a relaxing environment, with no distractions. During these three days, I watched many inspiring videos, read about fasting and I watched the documentary  “What the Health” several times…this helped a lot……LOL!

Day two is always a difficult day for me, to make sure I got no distractions, I enjoy taking a bath and light some candles. I have one funny thing, I also like to watch baking videos with chocolate, caramel, sticky cakes etc. and I do enjoy them, it is almost if I could taste it HAHAHA!

Body Reset

So here I was giving my body a reset, this felt so good. Fasting is not only good for your body but also mentally. I got more clearness in my mind during the fast. No more fogginess. On my quest of fasting, I decided after 3 months water/tea fast to change it to raw juice fast. My work is very intense as a  Massage Therapist and I need enough energy to do my work.  With the juice, you get vitamins and you function a lot better during the day. Don’t get me wrong, the water/tea fast has given me a lot of energy when it ended, but while doing it, I was tired and low on energy. This is how I felt during this fast and why I changed it to juice fast.

I got a new book called “The Juice Fasting Bible” By Sandra Cabot. Reading this book I came to know I always had a fatty liver. I never knew this even existed.

“The Juice Fasting Bible”:

“Many people who struggle with keeping their weight down are, in fact, overloaded with toxins…WHAT??

Adults who bear excess fat in the upper part of their abdominal area have in fact, what doctors term a “fatty liver”. The liver has stopped burning fats (thus getting them out of the body) and instead has become a fat-storing organ.”

Now I knew why I was finally losing weight on my upper body (this was already happening during my first fasts). With this knowledge, I knew I was on the right path for myself. I got even more excited!

Back to the change on juices

I did a research on different juicers and find the SuperJuicer (this slow juicer is low in speed, so vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and countless other valuable substances are preserved)  This is a big investment, but compared to the juice companies, where you can buy the raw juices, I knew I would earn it back in just 2 months. To make your own juices is also a lot of fun and you can experiment with flavors.

Here I was ready to start my first juice fast for 3 days and it went great. I had more energy during the fast, so working and the gym was no problem while doing it. I followed the advice about how much juice I need a day. I needed 15 bottles of 330ml for 3 days. I used six different recipes from the juicing bible (there are 59 different ones and they are all linked to an organ or help reduce diseases). I found out that it was better if you prepare all the juices one day before and freeze them immediately, this keeps the vitamins in store for five days. I drink the five bottles during the day and in between, I drink water and tea.

On my right path

My last fast I did really great, I noticed that my body is already used to it and I feel so light inside. To have your juice prepared in the refrigerator for the whole day, made it so much easier. When I go out for dinner these days I never feel I have eaten too much. Just light and relaxed inside. Because of all the benefits I get from this lifestyle, it keeps me going!

There is so much more to explore… I know I’m on my right path!

“The Juice Fasting Bible”:

“To begin a fast you must be in:

– Good physical health

– Comfortable with yourself and in a good place mentally.  Not feeling desperate by only thinking of losing weight is the main goal, because you have to spend a week at the beach.

– You should fast only if it’s something you want to do and not something somebody is encouraging you to do.”


Recipes from the “juice fasting bible”:

Particular help in cleansing and healing the liver:

1 lemon, with some peel

2 red apples

½ carrot

2 dandelion leaves or 2 cabbage leaves

½ cup broccoli florets1 clove garlic or ¼ red onion

1 cup fresh mixed herbs, chopped- parsley, mint, cilantro, basil, chives

This is a strong mixture and may be diluted with 1 cup water or dandelion root tea

Helps prevent or stop headaches:

1 lemon, peeled

4 lettuce leaves

2 spinach leaves

1 bunch of purple grapes

3 carrots

½ inch slice ginger root


~Choose to be Happy~


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    Good read Shirley, I’ll take some of these pointers and see what I come up with. Thank you for the book recommendation.💃💪🤗✨

  2. Zadi

    Nice post thanks for sharing

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