The Gym


January 2019, the gym is busier than ever. A new year has arrived, it is time to get healthy!! This is what I see and it happens every year. But why do half of the people who started do not follow-through by the second month? (more…)

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Healthier Lifestyle


Before I got on MY healthy eating habits, I always struggled with my body weight. All my life I have been on diets. My weight came on and off.

I’m always grateful to be a fan of all kind of sports, throughout my life I did: competition swimming, table tennis, basketball, squash and now for a pretty long time you can find me several times a week in the gym. First I started with ten hours a week, but I still could not get my body goal. Now I know that it mostly has to do with your eating habits.  (more…)

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Reflection on 2018


We are approaching the end of 2018. For me, it was such a MAGICAL year.

I got off to a great start in January 2018. My practice is running smoothly, and I got all the diploma’s I want. So now what? How am I going to challenge myself to grow more and where do I start? (more…)

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New Start at 40


5 years ago I just started an education besides the not fulfilling full-time job I had at that time. I must say it was not an easy road, but it was all so worth it. Yes, my follow-thru was on the spot even then.


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