This is an Indonesian steamed vegetable salad. You can use almost every vegetable you like. This is the most common recipe I know.



Half  Cabbage (fine sliced) or firm lettuce
1 Carrot (fine sliced)
2 Hands of Bean sprouts
3 Hands 0f Green Beans
1 Cucumber (chopped)
2 Potatoes (cooked and in slices) (optional)
2 Boiled eggs (on top of the salad)

Tempeh or Tofu (fried in oil)
1 Package spicy peanutsaus (pecel) (example Brand: Karangsari Sambel Pecel)

Slice the vegetables thin and steam them, except the cucumber. You can put the vegetables/potatoes on one plate side by side so it looks beautiful to serve.

You slice thin pieces tempeh and fried them in the oil till golden brown.

Finish with the boiled egg and fried tempeh.

Serve with some rice and spicy peanutsaus.