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We are almost at the end of this year and what a year it was. This year started so differently. I noticed in January that I did enjoy the food and holidays all a little too much…LOL, I had to set my spirit back onto my goals and I hit the gym and immediately stopped with the sugars (this is my guilty pleasure). This is the hardest thing but I did it again.

I had purchased a law of attraction planner for this year, which helped me to follow my goals, mindset, and habits. I’m still reading for my knowledge and the more I’m busy with my health and eating, the more I get interested in the world of healthy food and fasting. Because I am only reading about it I felt that I did not do accomplish enough to follow my goals, as I did in 2018. This was bothering me.

Slow period massage practice

For the first time this year, I had a slow period in my massage practice which made me worry.  It was around the summer holidays, normally the clients make new appointments before their holidays for after their holiday, this year nobody did. I know when this happens it takes a while before they make a new one and it did. So my patience was tested. I made a new t-shirt to wear t the Gym, told my regular clients about it-anything to get new clients. I also knew it would be okay again, but that needed patience.

Another chance

This year I again got the chance to go to the second retreat from PPU (Personal Power University). This time it was in Las Vegas. I had the most amazing time there. The four days were just so awesome. I met new students who became friends and we had so much fun, but also learned new things. I had an amazing dream building up and I so needed this, so when I got home I was recharged and had found my fire back. Still so grateful to be a part of this family!

Now I really knew what I wanted so I was going to make sure my action steps were done. I was so happy again I had a new goal to pursue and this one I want to accomplish in about 5 years from now. This is because I want to do a new study and this is very expensive so I have to save money first. In the meanwhile, I educate myself.

A new change

Because I want so many other things I also decided to change my Gym. The one I went to was very expensive, which never bothered me but when also the quality is gone I just had to go to another one. I’m training now for almost a month in the new Gym and I love it. It is also very good to change the environment and meet new people and create a space for getting new clients.

Starting my Blog

It’s now exactly one year ago I started this blog on my birthday. I was so excited I could finally launch my website. Months of hard work and there it was. Still proud of this accomplishment. This when I never would have thought to start one.

The name the Happy Mind and Body was just bullseye and felt exactly what I wanted and what I believe in. Mind and body are connected on so many levels. I think we forget to listen to our bodies, like it supposed to trigger us.

Why did I want to start a blog?

This question I get a lot, but my main reason is to try to inspire people. We all go through phases in our lives so why not share your experience? I think we all have stories to tell which can help another person. To read someone’s own experience can open a whole other door for whoever is reading it. Making them see their issues from another point of view can help.

The day I started it I posted every two weeks, I had so many ideas to share. I brainstormed about new content and subjects, this went really great…. until April of this year. I ran out of content, no clue what to talk about and got lost (see one of my latest posts). ‘Til a dear friend of mine said to me why are you not making a post about that? This was perfect and so I did.

Two more posts came to life. I am still not posting so frequently but I am okay with it. A big discovery about my blog was when I told people I was making one, many said: “wow I am going to follow you, etc”. But the truth is most of them don’t or act like they simply don’t care. Anyway, I still love it.

2020 here I come!

Somehow I get the feeling  2020 is going to be another awesome year for me (just like 2018). I know my start in 2020 will be so nice. So I am looking forward to this new year and will take and get my opportunity to grow even more!

Do what you love to do and let nobody discourage you!

Happy Holidays!

~Choose to be Happy~

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  1. Lynell

    I’m so proud of you. All of your growth, your perseverance, you tenacity, and your undying passion to be your best self is inspiring. You’re making a positive impact on the world one reader at a time.

  2. Crystal

    You’re amazing! I’m so proud of you. Truly an inspiration to so many because you’re following your dreams, working hard everyday. I enjoy reading your blogs. I hope you keep them going!

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