Reflection on 2018


We are approaching the end of 2018. For me, it was such a MAGICAL year.

I got off to a great start in January 2018. My practice is running smoothly, and I got all the diploma’s I want. So now what? How am I going to challenge myself to grow more and where do I start?

The Search

The Search Going on this search I thought a lot about how my life has been so far. Yes, I am happy but not fulfilled. I noticed by following Coach Rhona Bennett, that I had still issues for myself to work on. I followed her on social media for some time already, her video’s, motivational messages etc. kept me in balance (in my not so balanced period).

The real change to get structure came when I took the “No Days Off Challenge”: make time every day to work on your goals, even if it’s five minutes, just take the time. That made me read six books in two months. I had them for a long time, all about massage techniques. Never knew where to start, until this challenge.

So now it was time to work on myself and  I took the bold step and applied for her online school, Personal Power University. One thing you can learn through this program is to overcome personal obstacles. Because this course was in English, I was a bit scared about how  I could express myself.  So before I knew I got in this program, I began to read the book “feel the fear, and do it anyway” by Susan Jefferson.  This book really helpt me to get my fear a little under control.

Taking the BOLD step

So my journey began to work on my personal goals, OMG I was so excited..everybody around me knew it! (sorry for that). Also, some people around me did not always understand what I was doing. Working on yourself?? So I stopped explaining and did the work. January 16th was the day my first class started, for me at 3 am at night (because of the time difference). It never bothered me because this was what I wanted. I never missed a class. I scheduled my clients the morning after class in the afternoon, then I could sleep a little…LOL.

The funny thing is, that during this course I changed, which was noticed by my surrounding. They saw me shine, happier and growing. How great was this to hear? This program worked for me and after twelve lessons and all the homework, I shouted: I AM FREE! So free I needed a new hairstyle hahaha, so after 20 years having the same hairstyle, I cut my hair and till this day I still love the change. This is the reborn me, Shirley 2.0.


From here on it only got better and better. My energy level has grown to the sky. I have so much fire in me to make my visions reality and my dreams come true. September this year I  made a trip all by myself to Orlando Florida for the first vacation/retreat of Personal Power University. This was not in my plans for this year, but somehow my vision won.

I got to meet fellow students who I only knew through social media and to see coach Rho in person was also exciting. These four days were so much fun and we learned a lot from each other. We had an amazing time. My own spotlight here was that I won the 360° conqueror award, accomplished the most overall on every level of my life. This award means so much to me. Seriously, I still get teary eyes when I think of this moment.  It made me so proud.

Valuable Lesson

What all of this taught me? We always judge others, but really the only thing you can change is yourself. Is it scary? YESS…but is it worth it? Every second of it. Who doesn’t want to be free? You have to do the work.

This month I got 44, the same day I launched my blog and got featured in the monthly newsletter “Power UP” from PPU (Personal Power University). How awesome is this to end my magical year! I’m fired up, I have so much more I want to do every day. I get new ideas. This is what I was looking for. I am ready for 2019, just bring it on… LOL.

Find what works for you and go for it!

~Choose to Be Happy~ 


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  1. Sam

    What a Year it has been and 2019 is gonna be even more magical and adventurous! You are doing amazing Shirley 🎊

  2. Kecia

    I think I might have to start my own version of the No Days Off Challenge! Go Shirley 2.0! You’re such an inspiration… i love how you were up for class at 3 AM and simply moved clients to a later time the next day to fit your path. WOW!

  3. Lisa

    Shirley!! Love it. strength,stability,courage and faith you are Awesome💪. I agree, having a vision and keeping your focus is always important and so is change. I picked up some good pointers here. This is great Shirley💪💜.

  4. Chalet Cortes

    Shirley, you are amazing!!!!

  5. Nelege Smith

    Beautiful Shirley I loved it 2019 is going to be a dynamiteyear for you can’t wait to see what it brings. Much love to you Nelege.

  6. Martin

    Hi Shirley….as you mentioned in your blog the best advertisement is the one which is spread by word…and this is also the way how I came to your blog (Jenny told me)…although I met you only for a while (exactly 2 cups of coffee after a great training), but you gave me the feeling you are a self-confident, warm and positive person who knows what she wants…it’s great to read you are making progress on your way, you are not afraid to challenge yourself and with this blog you try to be an inspiration for others….wish you only the best….everything is possible!!!!!

  7. Nancy Alders

    Looking forward reading what you achieved at the end of this year. Bet you’ll need more blogs for it i think… GO GIRL!

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