New Start at 40


5 years ago I just started an education besides the not fulfilling full-time job I had at that time. I must say it was not an easy road, but it was all so worth it. Yes, my follow-thru was on the spot even then.

A little time traveling…

I worked at a Bank for 10 years till they went bankrupt. After 9 months I finally found another job. Their policy was to give 3 contracts of 6 months each and then you had to leave. The next job I found was within a month. This was not a fulfilling job at all. What could I do about it? I was not happy at all.

One day I saw in the newspaper an advertisement for massage courses. This profession has always my interest, so I went to the open house of this school.  I got so excited and I applied for foot reflexology for a year. This was in the evenings, besides my fulltime job. Because this job was not fulfilling I had to trigger myself to do something that makes me happy and fulfilled again.

Losing my job…

After the last month of class, I lost this job. I will not get into detail because after all, this is about The Happy Mind and Body! But let me tell you, this was no happy time at all. I was already 39 and there were not many jobs at that time. This was more because of my age, I was 39 and yes for many companies I was too OLD (what do they know?..LOL).  From here my journey to finding a more happy life began…

New future ahead…

So here I was no job but one diploma richer.  Of course, I wrote several letters every week to apply for a new job, with no success at all. You were lucky if you would even get a letter or notice back. I knew I had to take some action of my own and so I started that same year another massage course (relaxation massage). During this course, I followed another one. This was a 3-day course (cupping massage) and at this point, I thought maybe I could make this my profession, I had several clients at that time. Now I had to study even more to go for the education of becoming a sports massage therapist. If you had this degree you also could work at spa’s, saunas etc. During the relaxation course, I made my massage practice official.  How exciting is this!!

Now 5 years later, I have a good running practice and I get my customers on referrals,  which is good advertising. I feel so grateful for how it all came together. I still do not have to advertise and this makes me so proud. To find at the age of 39 your true passion and make it your work, is just so awesome. You see age is NOT an obstacle. I’m 44 and for me, it all is just beginning.

Always believe in yourself!  

~Choose to be Happy~ 

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  1. Rhona

    Yes… choice. So glad you choose to do what you needed to do to start living the life you wanted to live. You are inspiration Shirley. Thank you!!

  2. Kecia H

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey. It’s such a valuable lesson to know you can totally reinvent your life and pursue a new level of peace and happiness at 40… or any age – but especially 40! You are a reminder to go after what’s most important and not to accept the boundaries of the status quo!

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