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It feels so safe to operate from your comfort zone. I know I did for many years and created my own, same colleagues, office etc. From time to time I did change jobs to trigger myself, but in the company (bank) I already worked at, so in the same surroundings and with the same people. This felt comfortable. Then the company went bankrupt and I immediately lost my job. Friday I had one and Monday I sat at home wondering what to do. Now I was forced to get out of my comfort zone (which was really comfy after 10 years HAHA), this was scary as hell, but I had no choice. I had to apply for another job, prove myself again etc.

When I look back on this period, I’m so glad this happened to me, because it brought me to where I am today! I also learned that even when you think you have a steady job, with a permanent contract, you still can lose it. Who had known that a Bank could go bankrupt? Not me at that time. Nothing is certain in life. This made me go for a life-changing experience to take a risk and to start my own massage practice besides having a new job and to go for true happiness and see what happens.

Another experience to get out of

my comfort zone

I took a BOLD Step!! I applied to become an extra on a tv series…WHAT…ME???? HAHAHA. It all began when I searched on the internet to see what things there were to do which was totally different than I was used to. I heard earlier about extras and that people are doing it for fun (or some even for their profession) besides their own job.

I love series and movies, so how awesome would this be to become an extra. So my search went on and I looked at what I had to do to apply for something like this. I found a series called “Cell Blok H” (Dutch), this show was copied from a show in Australia “Wentworth”. They were looking for extras for their second season. I found out it was about a woman’s prison. How cool is this? (I love prison series and movies).

During my search my mind took me to all places of doubt:  Can I do this? Why would they choose me? etc.

What I had to do

I had to apply to a casting bureau, they needed pictures of me and they wanted my sizes. I can tell you this was literally a step out of my comfort zone! At that time I did lost weight and felt so powerful that I made the pictures and sent it to them, believe me, I’m not a fan when it comes about taking pictures of myself and now I was sending them…..OMG, what did I do hahaha!!

When I did apply I really felt strong and thought: “you can do this”! How great would it be to be on a set of a tv series? Just to see how things are going on a set and being a part of it is so awesome. I already knew they began shooting around August, so now I had to wait. In the meantime, I was applying for other jobs and was busy with my massage courses.

My Holiday

During my vacation, I could not let this go and got more and more nervous. But I also felt a lot of excitement. And there it was, the email of the casting bureau, they wanted me to let them know which role I was applying for – guard, prisoner etc… I wanted to be a badass of course … LOL. So, prisoner, it was. I also got the date when they were expecting me.  Everything went through my mind, how is this going to be, how many people will be there, what do I have to do etc. Yes, I was on my way of getting out of my comfort zone, just doing something unexpected and fun!

The Day

Monday had come, there I went. I had to be there at 8.00 in the morning. So I went early because I hate to be late, it was a half hour drive and the coolest thing, the series played in a real prison. I arrived at a large parking lot and saw the big wall of the jail, just so cool! I went inside and there I had to wait in a little room, I was so nervous and had no idea what I got myself into. Someone else came into the room and I introduced myself. I got a nice welcome and she told me that she had already played in season one, so she knew everything already.

Then I met another new person and just like me, she also was there for the first time so now I had a partner in crime HAHAHA! We were told to go upstairs to the dressing room and there were our clothes: our jail suit. When we changed our clothes we had to wait again in the same room downstairs, this was the extras’ area.  So we just had our coffee and waited, then they came and got a few of us (there was a big group of extras now) for the next scene….wow the excitement I felt was just beyond anything I had expected!

On the set, we were given our instructions, so I tried to get in my role. This was so much fun. The actors came on the set to play their scene, this was awesome to see them so close. The work of the director, camera, sound, the scenes, and everything, I could not believe I stood there. The hardest thing I had to do is make NO SOUND at all which was all the time. We had some yelling. scenes briefly and those were so much fun.

Show Time

When the show did air, I could not wait to see it and look for myself, this was the coolest feeling ever. I was on tv HAHAHAHA!! The show itself was not that popular with those around me, I guess not everybody likes prison series or this story.  Some only looked to see me, so that was kinda cool. I had the privilege to be in the whole season 2 and a few episodes of season 3. This experience is one I will always cherish. I now look differently at series, movies etc. When I look at the extras it always makes me smile.

I had so much fun doing this and it would have never happened if I did not take the bold step to step out of my comfort zone. I had no experience in this field at all, but had the best time ever! It made me grow, meeting new people, changing my surroundings daily. I learned a lot because being almost every day on a set with 20 women is a lesson of its own, trust me! I also learned to set boundaries, so when it wasn’t fun anymore, I had to stop. Still proud of myself that I did this. It was an experience of its own.

Ready for something new?

To grow or experience something you never thought was possible, you need to get out of your comfort zone. Is there something different you would like to do or experience? What makes you happy? What will give you that fire in life?

~Choose to Be Happy~

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