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January 2019, the gym is busier than ever. A new year has arrived, it is time to get healthy!! This is what I see and it happens every year. But why do half of the people who started do not follow-through by the second month?

I have been there. After a while, I gained weight by doing nothing and was eating the wrong things and the wrong way. So it was time to get this lazy ass to the gym. I did go to one of the many here in our city. Took a trial and had a personal schedule made to do the workouts. I did push myself and went, but when you do not have the fitness body that everybody has in mind or you get to see in an advertisement, people are not always so friendly and accepting. That made it more difficult to keep going and push through. So I stopped going, the environment did not help.

Back in the Days

I was younger I did so many different sports as I told in my other blog post. My parents always did motivate me to do sports. My first sport was competition swimming, which I did for several years. The next sport was table tennis. I was pretty good at it, played at a high-level and this was where the fun stopped because they want to get a younger team and so they replaced me and the fun was gone. I chose to do something else and Basketball it was (yes, even when, like me, you’re not so tall, it is still fun….LOL). So my base was laid to know a sport is healthy, fun and good for your mind and body.

Fast forward

After a while, I went to another gym where a friend of mine was already taking spinning classes. This gym felt good immediately, which is so important, especially when you are not secure about yourself or your body. So after my first spinning class, this became my new addiction, I loved it all: the music, the enthusiasm of the trainers, the people I met there. I knew I would follow through!

This gym also had a program to lose weight with an eating program of a dietitian in combination with a fitness program. So I went for it and followed this program. My motivation was back and after the program, I had to do it by myself again. This gym always keeps up with the new trends so I saw all the new classes from dancing to weightlifting (Les Mills programs). I began to try all the different classes to find my kind of training which gave me joy and fun.

Finding my routine

I did find it: BodyJam, BodyCombat, BodyPump (Les Mills) and Spinning were my favorites, so I followed every class I could attend. This became my routine after work, I did go to the gym and had fun!! Till this day I still go to this gym, even when I had to change my workout routine because of my knee (not enough cartilage). I had to find other things to make this fun for me, but I have found it.

Once in a while there is a new program launched, now we have Barre (with some adjustments I can follow it). This is a workout for 30 minutes, but so intensive and so much fun to do and it is perfect in combination with my fitness schedule. I just keep trying different exercises to make it fun, so I won’t get bored. These days I still have my spinning class, fitness program (which changes every 6 weeks), Milon (see information in the link) and Barre (Les Mills). So I spend 4 times a week in the gym.


Exercise is just so healthy for the mind and body. Find out for yourself what kind of exercise works for you and make sure your WHY is on the spot (are you doing it to get more muscles, losing weight, healthier lifestyle etc.). Try different gyms to feel comfortable, try different classes, go in the fitness, try a Bootcamp, search your way, go out for a nice walk and make this fun by going to different places, or find a team sport. There is so much to explore, not everybody is made for the gym or even like sports, but try to find something to do what keeps you going and which you have fun with. Then you will follow through.

~Choose to Be Happy~


Information (great different classes for everyone) (complete workout in 35 min.) (if you like dancing, great and fun workout)


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  1. Lizette

    And thats were we met each other, at the gym! I often do think about the moment i dare to ask you of you could help me controlling my migraine. I suffered al lot and i tryed so many times to get a hold of it! Now we are a few years later, not only your kind attention but also your magic hands make the migraine go. I do suffer sometimes but no longer each month 3 times, more like once in 3 months!! Keep up the good work, grow, evolve, learn so we can learn from you…

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