The struggle with writing and I began doubting myself!



So it is been a while since I posted on my blog. I had writer’s block, had no inspiration what so ever! So at this moment, I thought why not write about this struggle. We all have them once in a while.


Why is this happening to me after such an amazing year? Don’t get me wrong, I am still working on my main goals, still reading to educate myself and watching motivational videos, but I do not feel the fire like I had last year.

It is holiday season so my practice is not so busy at this moment, this gives me a lot to think about and here is where the doubt is coming from. I need challenges or I fall into this negative mindset and get stuck.

To much distraction

This time I had too much distraction from things that don’t matter….

Do you spend too much time on your phone or social media? Yes, guilty! My phone was glued to my hand and I had discovered Netflix again. This is not the way for my goals to come to life! So every week I try to watch “Morning talk with Rho” (this is a weekly live talk on facebook by my coach Rhona Bennett to motivate and support you on any subject of life). In this talk the challenge “digital cleanse for a day” came to life. I love challenges so I participated and went the next day with no phone, no computer, no social media, or tv.

What do you think this brought me that day?

I got creative in other ways, making postcards, beads bracelets, read/studying more and most of all I felt free.

What do you think I have missed?


I don’t check my phone that often anymore. It saves me so much time and now I have more time to work on my goals/visions.

How to get my motivation back

 I reached out to several people who always motivate me and give me insight about how I can get back on track. Just reading my assignments back from the course I followed last year. I do not want to fall back into my old habits. Yes, I am still a work in progress (this is something my coach always tells me).

It is so important to have people around you who will support you in anything you do because you know they want to help you grow. I’m grateful to have a small circle of these amazing people in my life. But it’s not only people who give me my motivation back. I also get my support from motivational videos, books I read, etc.

After my holiday, I thought a lot about this and came up with the solution to why I feel how I feel. It is not that I’m not making any progress, just the opposite. The outcome of these goals/visions needing time, I know what I want to accomplish, I know what I need to do and I know what it is going to take to do it. But all of this needs time, my patience and money….LOL!


I also read the book “The E-Myth” by Michael E. Gerber. This book gave me some good insight to look for my WHY and what my intentions were to start my own business. Today I’m going to rewrite my affirmations and incantation. I will write every day/week about the progress I make towards my new vision. This will keep me motivated and see my vision come to life! My fire is back!!

Because of what I’m reading/studying, I have found a new passion. I made a plan for myself to see this come to life. I Have to save extra money so I can get the right education I need for this. This is going to take a while in the meanwhile, I will read books, search for videos to get more knowledge, read research about this, etc. I see my vision loud and clear but it needs time and a whole lot of patience.


Are you stuck? – Review your goals and visions.

Where do want you to go? – Write it down, make it visual.

What/who do you need to get back on track – look at your surroundings.

What is your Why? – This will keep you going to follow through.


WOW: as I go through my phone the following message caught my eye:

July 22, 2019 (this is when I am writing this post)

Sometimes situations are temporary because they are sent to teach you permanent lessons. The momentary struggle can show you a lifelong skill needed for abundance. Short-lived broken hearts can teach you lasting self-love. Whatever you are going through, allow the temporary to create something beautiful and everlasting. Setbacks are only setups to more!!

Just awesome how the universe works!


Let me know what you thought about this post.

~Choose To Be Happy~

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  1. Crystal

    I love this! You’re amazing! So glad you’re back on track, truly inspiring! I definitely need to get on track, go through the “Being Bacon” course again and stay focused on the things I want to do, the person I want to be and where I want to go!! Looking forward to meeting you in September. Love you.

  2. Lynell

    I am so glad you wrote this post. I needed to read this.

    I have been struggling with writer’s block for the first time in my life. It has been frustrating and upsetting. Writing is my passion and I absolutely love it, so not being able to write has been particularly disappointing.

    I am still working on avoiding falling into the endless vortex that is social media. I was using it to alleviate the frustration of my writer’s block. But, I have since discovered that it is not helping me accomplish my goals and it’s certainly not helping me get any writing done.

    I need to indulge more in reading, researching, and studying resources to help me grow and advance my business. I need to strengthen my knowledge base for my businesses so that I can strengthen the foundations upon which they are built.

    Thank you so much for this post. I look forward to engaging with all that you’ll be doing.

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