Why did I start a blog?

My blog exists for one year now. Why start one? I was asked this a lot. I think everyone has a story to tell which can help another person. In my life, I made so many journeys before I found myself and knew what I wanted to do or know who I am. By writing my stories I have noticed it gives me a reflection on my life to where I am today. The journey was not always pleasant but is what it made me today and I like it.

The Happy Mind and Body

The name ‘The Happy Mind and Body’ was a bullseye and felt exactly like what I wanted and what I believe in. Mind and body are connected on so many levels. I think we forget to listen to our body when it triggers us. My intention, other than telling my stories, is to hope that you get more awareness of the connection between mind and body. Because if the mind is happy, your body is happy too.  I strongly believe this.

Back to 

I have a perfect example that the mind is very strong and how it can influence your body. We go back to 2008. I spent my time 10/12 hours a week in the gym, this was my life. Then, around September, I got a new manager at work. Most managers are hired from inside the bank, but this one was hired outside of the bank.

At that time I was working as a junior product manager, I was learning at the job (I applied for this intern job a year before, no experience, but they wanted to teach me and I was eager to learn, that was why I applied for it). So I had a great time. Until a year later, when the new manager came. In the first 2 weeks, everything went well, he just wanted to see what we all did.

After two weeks

It was a great time to evaluate so he could share his ideas on what his intention was with this department. His message for me was that he did not see me becoming a product manager! I felt numb and thought “this is not happening”.  So my follow up questions were; “Are you serious?  You do not even know me!  You do not know how hard I work! How can you say this?”  After all these questions he said ” Ok, prove it to me. I will give you till January!!”   You should also know that a year before, my manager told me that he wanted to make me a product manager because of the work I did.

I had to deal with the new manager. The way he said it and the look he gave me, I knew he already had made up his mind. But I am stubborn and know my qualities and did not want to give in so I did my best at everything. The horror began. He told me about every little mistake I made and made it into something so big it was unbelievable (and this for someone who is a perfectionist). This happened over and over every day.

I just couldn’t take it anymore. It came to the point where I could not work with him anymore. I was angry and sad all the time, but this felt so unfair. How could someone judge you after only two weeks……The anger in me was real.

Gym Time

I was so often in the gym and it did help me in this period of anger. I could release a lot of my anger in the workouts! Within a few months, I had a swollen knee. My first reaction was, I’m doing too much, so I did not give it much attention. After all the gym time my knee did not get any better and stayed swollen. I still thought this will get better, I am healthy. After 3 months it did not change and I had more and more pain.

At my work, everything was getting worse. The manager made sure I didn’t have to come back to that department. This felt so unfair. It made me pretty angry and sad. Now I also had to deal with my knee, the exercises were getting harder with the swollen knee.

Because of the inflammation, I ended up in the hospital. They had to look in my knee to see what was happening. What they found was, I had almost no cartilage in my knee. This in combination with inflammation is why my knee stayed swollen.


In 2018 I bought a book called ” Your body speaks your mind” by Deb Shapiro. This book is to this day a sort of medical bible to me.

RememberIllness is realAccidents happenMedicine can help.

” I am not writing this book in order to convince you that the sole reason for your illness is in your mind and that you must have done something wrong or are to blame for being ill. And I am not saying that simply by understanding how the mind and body work together you will be able to miraculously cure yourself of whatever ails you.

What I am saying is that the role of the mind and emotions in your state of health is a vital one. It is only a part of the overall picture, but it is the part that is invariably overlooked. By understanding this relationship you can understand yourself more deeply and can claim a greater role in your own well-being”.

-by Deb Shapiro-

Now we come to the part of my knee. Let’s take a look at what this book has to tell me:

The Knees:

The knees enable you to move, dance, run, and to stand straight. They are therefore connected to pride, obstinacy, self-righteousness, arrogance, and ego, as well as surrender, grace, and humility. Try walking without bending your knees and see the arrogant, stiff attitude it represents. By bending the knees you can release and express your feelings. Too much pride and you will stumble (remember: pride comes before a fall!), Arrogance makes you stiff and ungracious, whereas surrender enables you to bend and move with dignity.

The language of the knees 

Is immediately obvious for here you kneel—an act of humbling yourself to a higher power or authority. The knees allow you to bend, to concede, to give, especially to give way, to be humble. In kneeling you relinquish the ego and embrace humility; without this ability, you become stubborn, proud, inflexible, self-righteous. But when the knees give way too quickly, knocking and trembling with fear, then you need to rise up and claim your place in the world, developing greater self-esteem and confidence.

The knees are like shock absorbers, taking the strain between the weight of the body above and the ups and downs of the terrain below. The knees are major weight carriers, so if that weight becomes too heavy the knees may show the strain. This weight may not be physical; psycho/emotional weight can be just as heavy.

Water in the knee indicates a holding of emotional energy, particularly a resistance to surrender, or there may be too much emotion to cope with and the weight is being carried in the knees.

An inflamed knee indicates that something or someone is making you feel irritated or angry, and you will not give in!

A dislocated knee shows a resistance to giving way. The knee can no longer take the pressure, so it collapse and you are unable to maintain your standing. To dislocate is to lose.

What ground have you lost and what do you need to do to regain it?

How can you reclaim your balance and dignity?

Inflammation of the joints:

Indicating hot and angry feelings trying to find expression.

As this inflammation is connected to the movement, expression, and communication, it indicates a resistance or conflict with what is happening, a build-up of angry or irritable emotions, or an inability to say what you really want to.

What is making you so sore or inflamed?

What/who is making you feel so hot or fired up inside?

What is so irritating that is restricting your expression?

When the joints are sore or inflamed then the feelings being expressed are often critical, irritated, or inflexible ones, so you need to release the cause of those feelings.

What is needed to loosen the joints?

More forgiveness? Acceptance or more love for yourself?

-by Deb Shapiro-

Do you see the connection with my story? It just blew my mind when I read this. Again, I was already convinced that body and mind are related, but at this level… The inflammation never came back and I still work out!

I learned so much from this book. It really is a must-have!


I hope you enjoyed this story and you can always leave a comment.

~Choose to be Happy, stay safe and healthy~

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